Laboratory of Physical and Chemical Research

Head of Laboratory
Dmitry A. Zamyatin,
tel. (343) 287-90-30

Laboratory staff: 29 employees, including 1 academician of RAS, 7 candidates of science and three graduate students.

Research Areas:

  • Comprehensive studies of the composition, structure and properties of natural and synthetic, organic and industrial minerals.
  • The study of the phenomena stimulated by radiation, thermal and barochemical effects on the minerals. The study of atomic and electronic structure, and the mechanisms of defects formation and decay in minerals.
  • Isotope-geochronological study of the lithosphere evolution.
  • Development of the electron microprobe chemical dating method; the use of the study results of crystal chemistry and physics of minerals to increase the accuracy of the age definition, and to restore the conditions of minerals crystallization and evolution.
  • Development and improvement of methods of minerals and rocks assessment, including spectroscopy, to study their composition, microstructure and defects.