• The features of crystal chemistry and physics of radiation-thermal effects in U-Th-containing minerals (uraninite, thorite, thorianite, coffinite and monazite) from a number of geological objects of the Urals and Siberia were studied using a modified technique, and their chemical microprobe dating (Figure a, b), including that for bimineral systems was performed. The classical method of chemical dating was still found to be promising against the commonly used isotope approaches.
  • Computer modeling of the atomic and electronic structure of U-Th-minerals and their radiation destruction was performed. Micromodels of radiation disordering were proposed. The parameters of electronic structure and links in radiation-damaged zircon at low, medium and high doses were shown to be qualitatively different. At low radiation doses the changes in electronic structure of zircon were localized only in the vacancy defects, while at medium and high doses the electronic structure of zircon was similar to that of silicon oxides and zirconium - the products of the phase disintegration: the three-coordinated oxygen in zircon was transformed into the bridging two-coordinated "Quartz" oxygen, causing a decrease in radiation and chemical stability of the moderately and strongly metamikt zircon.
  • Based on Mössbauer spectroscopy, the crystal chemistry of iron in the chrome spinels from ultramafic rocks of the Urals, Siberia and the Far East (Fig. c) was studied; the evolution of the oxidation state of ultramafic rocks at different stages of their formation and transformation was followed up.
  • Regularities of fossilization of the fossil bone remains of the Quaternary mammals of the Urals were determined. On the basis of physical and chemical data, the criteria for assessing the relative age and burial conditions of the fossil material were suggested (together with Institute of Plants and Animals UB RAS).
  • The microstructure, mineral and chemical composition, crystal ion impurities, properties of the organic component of physiological and pathogenic dental tissues of the modern man living in the Urals were analyzed. A number of approaches addressing practical issues of the pathogenesis and treatment of dental diseases were proposed (together with Ural State Medical Academy).
  • Government Contract No. 02.740.11.0727 on "Geochemistry, microstructure and radiation effects in minerals concentrators of radioactive elements as the basis for petrogenetic, geochronological, and materials science applications" with the Ministry of Education was performed in 2009-2012 as part of the Federal program: "Scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel of innovative Russia".

Variations in the values of Th-U-Pb age and their weighted average for point definitions in uraninite and monazite from granitoids of Western Siberia foundation (a), and bimineral U*-Pb-isochron (b) and structural models of three types of Fe2+ ions with different second coordination area (c)


In 2006-2012 more than 150 scientific papers, including 5 monographs, were published and two patents were received.

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Research and Education Activities

Two Candidate's Thesis were defended. Together with the Ural State University (UFU), the Scientific Educational Centre "Mineral Physics" was organized, and the concept of the "Environmental Management" faculty in the UFU was developed. Since 2009, the Russian Youth School-Conference «Minerals: Structure, Properties, Methods of Research» is held annually.


Research Projects

Over the past 5 years, three projects were supported by RFBR; Government Contract № 02.740.11.0727 was carried out within the Federal program «Scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel of innovative Russia» in 2009-2012 together with the Ministry of Education.