• New data on the average chemical and mineral composition of the upper continental crust, its sedimentary and gneissic granite layers and their constituent rocks were obtained.
  • An indicator role of oxygen fugacity in the reconstruction of ultramafic rock formation conditions was shown, starting with magmatic depletion stage and finishing with metamorphic processes in the continental crust. The role of chromite formation in the history of their development was defined.
  • All ore types of copper porphyry deposits were determined in the Urals. High concentrations of rhenium, including that of industrial level were found in the ores of many deposits. Prognostic criteria of new porphyry deposits were developed.
  • The platinum-group minerals of chromitites of dunite-harzburgite complexes were found to be associated with isotope-contrasting sources of the ore substance. These data give evidence in favor of the multi-stage evolution of the depleted mantle substance.
  • New data on the geological and structural situation, wallrock metasomatism, mineral composition and ore-forming conditions of the main types of gold ore deposits in the Urals, including unconventional ones (Svetlinskoye, Gagarskoye, Vorontsovskoye and Zolotaya Gora deposits) were obtained.
  • New data on the mineral composition, geochemistry, formation conditions, material age and sources were obtained (based on the study of Rb-Sr, Sm-Nd, U-Pb, and Lu-Hf isotope systems) for Nb-Zr-REE deposits associated with carbonatites.

Fig. 1. Plot of zircon εHf(t) versus whole-rock εHf(t) for the Norilsk-1 intrusion. 1-10 – samples: 1, 10 – contact rocks, 2-6 – unmineralized rocks, 7-9 – mineralized rocks. Mantle and crustal arrays (shown in gray) according to Vervoort et al. (1999)

Fig. 2. Re distribution in molybdenite grain from a quartz vein of the East Artemovsky copper-porphyry array. Red – > 0.6%; blue – 0.2-0.4%; black – <0.1%



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Research Projects

Over the last 5 years, 6 projects of the Laboratory of Geochemistry and Ore-Forming Processes were supported by RFBR.



The Award of the Government of the Russian Federation in the field of Science and Technology (K.K. Zoloev, RAS corr. member, V.N. Ogorodnikov, Doctor Sc., Prof.), Excellent Prospector (O.B. Azovskova), «Golden Diploma-2007», III International Forum on Science, Technology and Education (N.A. Grigoryev).