Laboratory of Geochemistry and Ore-Forming Processes

Head of Laboratory (2007-2012)
Valery V. Murzin
Doctor of Geology and Mineralogy
tel.: (343) 371-67-21 

 Head of Laboratory
Alexander Yu. Kisin
Doctor of Geology and Mineralogy
tel.: (343) 371-53-18,


Laboratory staff: 26 employees, including one corresponding member of RAS, 5 doctors of science, 13 candidates of science, and five graduate students.

Research Areas:

  • Geodynamic situation and structural control of mineralization, the geochronology of mineralization
  • Radiogenic (Hf-Nd-Sr-Os) and stable (C-O-H-S-Cu) isotopic systematics of rocks, ores and minerals; identifying sources of the ore substance and ore-bearing fluids in deposits formation, the role of carbonaceous substance in the ore formation
  • Geochemistry and mineralogy of platinum-group elements and gold
  •  Isotope evolution of the Earth's mantle
  •  Mineral composition of ores, mineral typomorphism, and forms of mineral components in ores; mineralogical and technological mapping of ore-metasomatic formations; comprehensive use of mineral resources
  •  Determination of physical and chemical parameters of the ore-forming fluids, thermodynamic parameters and the redox state of the mineralization environment