Laboratory of Paleovolcanism and Regional Geodynamics named after GF Cherviakovsky

Head of Laboratory until 2011
Viktor A. Koroteev
Academician of RAS, Professor, 
Adviser of RAS

Head of Laboratory
Elena N. Volchek
Cand.Sc. in Geology and Mineralogy
tel.: (343) 371-67-47

Laboratory staff: 16 employees, including 1 RAS Academician, 3 doctors of science, 3 candidates of science and 2 graduate students.

Research Areas:

  • Geodynamics and volcanism in the formation of the Earth's crust during accretion-collision orogenic system formation.
  • Petrological, mineralogical and isotopic and geochronological studies of mantle mafic-ultramafic and crustal metamorphic complexes of the Urals as indicators of geodynamic evolution of the mobile belts lithosphere.