• The features of volcanism of the Ural orogen were identified and its comparability and combined ophiolitic associations with modern and ancient ocean formations was shown.
  • Orogenic systems of different ages, including the newly identified Timan orogen were found to be integrated in the Timan-Ural lithosphere segment as a result of lithospheric plates movements.
  • The main age frames of orogen forming cycles and metamorphic processes were determined.
  • The main features of plate-tectonic metallogeny as a new research area in theoretical metallogeny were outlined. The possibility of expanding mineral resources at the expense of non-traditional and new sources was shown.

The scheme of tectonic and geodynamic elements of Timan-Ural segment of Eurasia

Polygenic-polychronic «zirconology» of the Urals: amphibole miaskites of Ilmenogorsky array (a-d, i), garnet-pyroxene rocks of Maskyutovsky complex (e-h, k). Zircon CL-images (a, c, e, g) and BSE-images (b, d, f, h); isotope U-Pb-data (SHRIMP, i, k)



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Research and Education Activities

V.A. Koroteev is the head of Mineralogy, Petrology and Geochemistry department at the Ural State Mining University. A.I. Rusin, professor of IPY USMU, gives a course of lectures on «Petrography of igneous, metamorphic and metasomatic rocks».


Research Projects

Over the past five years, the laboratory members were the leaders and implementors of RFBR grants and projects carried out under the programs of the Presidium of RAS, inter-regional and interdepartmental programs of basic research, integration programs of basic research of UB RAS, and initiative programs of basic research of UB RAS.



Award of the Government of the Russian Federation in the field of Science and Technology (V.A. Koroteev, Academician, V.M. Necheuhin, Doctor of sciences).