• Lower limits of the Lower Permian tiers of the International stratigraphy scale were substantiated. Reference sections that meet the generally accepted requirements delineating the stratigraphic units of the International scale were suggested.

  • A series of zonal biochronology scales were developed: Lower Permian Urals scale using conodonts, Carboniferous scale using foraminifers; Gzhelian tiers using conodonts, on a regional Paleogene scale using dinocysts (accepted as a priority scale in the stratigraphic scheme of the of West Siberia Paleogene).

  • Multistage formation of organogenic structures in the Urals and the Eastern part of the Russian platform was found. Their spatial-temporal association with the areas of tectonic activity was determined. The Silurian-Middle Devonian reef system was associated with the western edge of the Ural paleo continental sector, the Late Devonian-Early Carboniferous system of organogenic structures was associated with the Kama-Kinel deflection system, and the Late Carboniferous- Early Permian system was confined to the regional boards of the Pre-Ural marginal deflection.



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Research and Education Activities

The laboratory staff give lectures at the Ural State Mining University in the following disciplines:
• Historical Geology;
• Regional Geology;
• Micropaleontology;
• General Stratigraphy, Basic Paleontology of the invertebrate;
• General Geology (workshops).


Research Projects

In the recent 5 years the Laboratory staff conducted research on five research projects supported by RFBR.



Medal of ac. A.A. Borisyak «For Paleonthology Development» (RAS corr. member B.I. Chuvashov).