Laboratory of Petrology and Magmatic Formations named after DS Shteinberg

Head of Laboratory until 2003
German B. Fershtater
Doctor of sciences, professor,
Honored Worker of RF Science
Head of Laboratory
Vladimir V. Kholodnov
Doctor of Geology and Mineralogy,
Honored Worker of Science

tel.: (343) 371-17-85, e-mail:

Laboratory staff: 19 employees, including 2 doctors of science, 11 candidates of science, 2 graduate students.

Research Areas:

  • The study of magmatism evolution of epioceanic orogens, with the Urals as an example and the global standard.
  • Formation analysis of magmatic rocks, the study of the P-T conditions of their formation.
  • The fluid regime (the role of halogens and sulfur) and potential mineralization.
  • The petrogenesis of mafic-ultramafic and granitoid associations of the Urals, their isotopic-geochemical and age evolution.
  • The study of magmatism and mineralization links.
  • The analysis of the specificity of abyssal suprasubduction magmatism (anatexis).

Applied investigations:

  • The formation history and the ore prospects of Paleozoic metasomatic complexes of Kochkarsky district in the Southern Urals.
  • The petrological study of Murzinsky granitoid massif aimed to develop the criteria for assessing the prospects of rare metals and semi-precious materials.
  • Participation in the geological ensuring of preparation of the site for the South Ural nuclear power plant (SUNPP) construction.
  • Participation in the additional study of the State Geological Map of the Southern Urals at scale 1:200,000 in collaboration with the Moscow State University and the South Ural geological survey party.