Zamyatin Dmitry Alexandrovich

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PhD (kandidate), Doctor of Science in Geology and Mineralogy
Head of Laboratory
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Date of birth: November 30, 1985

Citizenship: Russian Federation 

WoS ResearcherID: Y-5401-2018

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ORCID: 0000-0002-2658-5129

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Previous Education and Research Experience

2017 – Present: head of the Group of Scanning Electron Microscopy and Microanalysis in the Laboratory of Physical and Chemical Research Methods, Zavaritsky Institute of Geology and Geochemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences, Ural Branch (IGG UB RAS).

2008 – 2019: associated researcher (2008 – 2011), junior researcher (2011 – 2015), researcher (2015 – 2018) and senior researcher (2018 – Present) in the Laboratory of Physical and Chemical Research Methods in IGG UB RAS.

June 2015: training and practice "Photoluminescent and Raman spectroscopy of zircons on a Horiba LabRAM HR800 instrument" at the Department of Mineralogy and Crystallography of the University of Vienna under supervising of Prof. Dr. Lutz Nasdala.

2009 – 2017: Ph.D. student (aspirant) in Geological and Mineralogical Sciences at the Zavaritsky Institute of Geology and Geochemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences, Ural Branch. Title of the doctoral thesis: “Crystal chemistry and spectroscopy of zircon in the solution of issues of its microprobe chemical U-Th-total Pb dating”.

2008: graduated from Department of Physics, Ural State University, Ekaterinburg, Russia as Degreed Specialist in Physics. Thesis title: “Atomic structure computer modeling of radiation-damaged zircon”.

Interests (key words)

U-Th-minerals, zircon, accessory minerals, heterogeneous materials, alterations, experimental mineralogy, crystal chemistry, microscopy and microanalysis, Raman spectroscopy, X-ray emission spectroscopy, luminescence, electron diffraction, atomistic modeling, joint image analysis.


Member of the European Microbeam Analysis Society, 2017-2020.

List of Publications

Peer-reviewed papers


  1. Sherendo T.A., Martyshko P.S., Moloshag V.P., Garaeva A.A., Zamyatin D.A., Mitrofanov V.Ya., Pamyatnykh L.A. Structural and magnetic microinhomogeneities in accessory spinel of the system Fe2+(Cr2-xFex3+)O4 from the Kytlym massif (Urals platinum-bearing belt) // Russian Geology and Geophysics, 2012. V. 53. Iss. 9. P. 853-860. DOI: 10.1016/j.rgg.2012.07.002
  2. Zamyatin D.A., Shchapova Yu.V., Votyakov S.L., Eremin N.N., Urusov V.S. Structure and thermodynamic properties of zircon-coffinite solid solutions according to the semiempirical atomistic simulation data // Glass Physics and Chemistry, 2013. V.39. Iss.2. P.182-192 DOI: 10.1134/S108765961302017X
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Grants/scientific projects for last 5 years

As project manager:

1. Grant RSCF, No. №19-77-00074, «Development and application of the method of joint image analysis for the study of the heterogeneous texture and properties of minerals and their synthetic analogues», 2019-2020 years.

2. Russian Foundation for Basic Research, 14-05-31405, "Oxygen sublattice features of the metamict zircons with high U, Th and REE according to the electron probe microanalysis and solid micro spectroscopy", 2014-2015 year.

3. Presidium of Ural Branch of RAS, 14-5-RT-329, "Application of the method of joint probability analysis of images obtained on electron probe microanalyzer, to study the structural and chemical heterogeneity of zircon and monazite", 2014 year.


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Dmitry A. Zamyatin