Votyakov Sergey

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Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), doctor of geology and mineralogy
Chief Researcher
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Sergey Votyakov, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), doctor of geology and mineralogy, head of the “Geoanalik” Analytical Centre, professor of the Ural Federal University,  Board member of UB RAS, co-chairman of the Committee  on radiography, spectroscopy and crystal chemistry of minerals of the Russian Mineralogical Society, editorial board member of the "Lithosphere" journal; he headed the laboratory of physical and chemical methods of research in 1997-2011.

He specializes in mineral physics and materials science of the natural substance and has contributed to the development of current concepts of minerals, and to the development of mineral spectroscopy - a new research area in the earth sciences. SL Votyakov and co-authors have got original results in the study of point defects in the structure of minerals. They traced the dynamics of structural defects at different thermodynamic and radiation effects in natural and model conditions, the mechanisms of defects formation and transformation, their relations with physical and chemical properties of minerals and the medium of their formation. In his papers SL Votyakov developed fundamental scientific principles of sustainability and evolution of structural defects of minerals, based on experimental data and theoretical modeling of the atomic and electronic structure.
SL Votyakov is the author (co-author) of more than 350 scientific papers, including 8 monographs, a copyright certificate and 3 patents. The main scientific results are summarized in the papers:
AA Mongers, SL Votyakov, VY Krokhalev. Spectroscopy of zircons: properties and geological applications. M.: "Science", 1988.
SL Votyakov, AA Mongers, VY Krokhalev. Problems of applied spectroscopy of minerals. Yekaterinburg: "Science," 1993.
IS Chashchukhin, SL Votyakov et al. Mössbauer spectroscopy of Cr-spinels and problems of oxygen thermobarometry of chromite-bearing ultramafic rocks of the Urals. Ekaterinburg, 1996.
YuV Schapova, SL Votyakov et al. Quantum-chemical calculations in mineralogy. Ekaterinburg, 2000.

Chashchukhin I.S., Votyakov S. L., Shchapova Yu.V. Crystallochemistry of spinel and oxygen thermobarometry of the ultramafites in folded regions. Ekaterinburg: Institute of Geology and Geochemistry UB RAS. 2007. 310 p. (in Russian).

Smirnov N.G., Votyakov S.L., Sadykova N.O., Kiseleva D.V., Shchapova Yu.V. Physical and chemical properties of fossilized mammal bone remains and the problem of their relative age estimation. Part 1. Thermal analysis and mass-spectrometry for trace element contents. Part II. IR- and radiospectroscopy, microscopy. Monographs. Ekaterinburg. 2009. 118 p. 82 p. (in Russian).

Votyakov S.L., Kiseleva D.V., Shchapova Yu.V., Smirnov N.G., Sadykova N.O. Thermal properties of fossilized mammal bone remnants of the Urals // Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry. 2010. Vol. 101. P. 63-73.

Shchapova Yu.V., Votyakov S.L., Kuznetcov M.V., Ivanovskii A.L. Radiation defects impact on zircon electron structure according to photoelectron spectroscopy data // Journal of Structural Chemistry. 2010. V. 51. № 4. P. 687-692. (in Russian).

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Votyakov S.L., Schapova Yu.V., Khiller V.V. Crystal chemistry and physics of radiation and thermal effects in some of U-Th- bearing minerals as a basis for the chemical microprobe dating. Monograph. Ekaterinburg. UB RАS Press. 2011. 336 p. (in Russian).

Ron' G.I., Votyakov S.L., Mandra Yu.V., Kiseleva D.V. Morphological structures of human teeth solid tissues. Monograph. Ekaterinburg. USMA. 2012. 148 p. (in Russian).

Votyakov S.L., Hiller V.V., Schapova Yu.V. Crystal chemistry and microprobe dating of U-Th-containing minerals: monazites from some geological objects of the Urals and Siberia // Zapiski RMO. 2012. P. 141. № 1. P. 45-60. (in Russian).

Votyakov S.L., Schapova Yu.V., et al. Spectroscopy and physics of monazite: a state and prospects of usage in the Ural geochronology problem solution // Litospherа. 2012. № 4. P. 158-172. (in Russian).


Painting and drawing. A catalog of his paintings and graphic works was published in 2012.

He started painting in 1992 and was a founding member of the Association of Scientists and Artists in Ekaterinburg. He took part in several exhibitions in Ekaterinburg, Zlatoust and Miass, "The Muses in the Temple of Science" in Moscow, and had personal exhibitions in Ekaterinburg in the Ural State University and Medical Academy, in the House of Peace and Friendship, the House of Scientists, and the Constitutional Court of the Sverdlovsk region.