Precambrian complexes of the Isherim anticlinorium (Northern Urals):stratigraphy, magmatism, metamorphism, metallogeny


The book is devoted to the characteristics of the Precambrian complexes of the Isherim (Vishera-Kutim) anticlinorium located in the axial part of the Northern Urals. New data on stratigraphy, magmatism, metamorphism and metallogeny are presented, including those obtained using new geochemical, isotope-geochronological methods and predictive mineralogical studies. The predominantly Middle Riphean (ectasian - stenian) age of geological complexes and the prospects of the Isherim structure for gold mineralization are substantiated. The book is of interest to specialists in regional geology, stratigraphy, petrology of igneous and metamorphic complexes, metallogeny, as well as students of geological specialties.