On the 75th anniversary of the Institute

In 2014, the AN Zavaritsky Institute of Geology and Geochemistry of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences is celebrating its 75th anniversary. Over the years its scientific schools and traditions have gained international calling. A unique community of geoscientists working on the major fundamental and applied problems in the Earth Sciences has been created.

A bit of history

The Institute of Geology and Geochemistry, a leading academic institution in Earth sciences in the Urals, was organized in 1939 as the Mining and Geological Institute of the USSR UFAN. The greatest Russian scientist, Academician AE Fersman was at the root of the entire academic science in the Urals, including our Institute.

Academician AE Fersman
An outstanding researcher and geologist, one of the organizers
of geological science in the USSR

"I want to think about the Urals Academy of Science and Technology, where we could pose and solve big problems of scientific bases of mastering the Urals... "

Academician LD Sheviakov

The first director of the Institute (1939-1944)

The historic building on Post Lane 7, in which the Institute began its work and continues to live and work throughout its 75 years
(photos of 1913-1914)

With the development of research at the Institute and with the detachment of its Geophysics and Mining Departments into independent organizations, the Institute was reorganized in 1962 into the Institute of Geology, and in 1966 - into the Institute of Geology and Geochemistry. In 1970 the Institute was named after Academician AN Zavaritsky, whose basic and most important contributions in petrology and mineralization were devoted to the Urals.

Academician AN Zavaritsky

An outstanding geologist, one of the last encyclopaedists in Geosciences

A great role in the future development of the Institute was played by its directors: Corresponding Members of the RAS AA Ivanov, LN Ovchinnikov, SN Ivanov, AM Dymkin and Academician VA Koroteev.

The current state of the Institute and the prospects of its development

The Institute specializes in basic research on the Earth sciences; it has highly qualified personnel and modern analytical equipment. The total number of employees is 176, including 88 researchers including 2 Academicians, 2 Corresponding Members of RAS, 11 doctors and 47 candidates of sciences, and 18 researchers under the age of 35. The Institute has a number of employees who are "Honored Workers of Science", "Exemplary prospectors", scientists awarded with various medals, diplomas and prizes, including the Prize of the Government of the Russian Federation in the field of science and technology.

The Institute is a center of comprehensive study of geologic history and formation of the Urals – a unique geological structure that has served as a " testing ground " and a reference object for laying the foundations of the Russian geology with its various research areas: stratigraphy (Academician AP Karpinsky) , petrology (Academicians FY Levinson-Lessing and AN Zavaritsky), mineralogy (Academicians NI Koksharov and ES Fedorov), geochemistry (Academician AE Fersman), the so-called "Mecca" for the world famous geologists (J. Menge, Alexander von Humboldt, G. Rose, L. Duparc).

Today the Institute is the basis for the training of young professionals in the Earth sciences, including physical chemists in the field of materials of mineral matter. Since 2006, the Institute has a shared analytical center of UB RAS entitled «Geoanalitik».


 To complete the new building is the most important strategic task

The building on Post Lane 7 that currently houses the Institute

The new building of the Institute on Acad. Vonsovsky street


Dear colleagues, dear veterans and young researchers of our Institute!

Congratulations on the great jubilee – the 75th anniversary of our institute!

In anticipation of this great holiday I sincerely wish you every success for the benefit of our country, good health, peace and prosperity, and all the best to each of you.

Director of the Institute, Academician
SL Votyakov