12th International Platinum Symposium Abstracts


12th International Platinum Symposium Abstracts

12th International Platinum Symposium. Abstracts (Edited by Anikina, E.V. et al.). Yekaterinburg: Institute of Geology and Geochemistry UB RAS, 2014. 340 p.

ISBN 978-5-94332-109-2

Editors: Anikina, E.V., Ariskin, A.A., Barnes, S.-J., Barnes, S.J., Borisov. A.A., Evstigneeva, T.L., Kinnaird, J.A., Latypov, R.M., Li, C., Maier, W.D., Malitch, K.N., Melcher, F., Pushkarev, E.V., Ripley, E.M., Votyakov, S.L., Vymazalova, A., Yudovskaya, M. & Zaccarini, F.

The volume includes abstracts of the 12th International Platinum Symposium focusing on different aspects of geology, geochemistry, mineralogy and exploration of various platinum-group element (PGE) deposits and occurrences from over the globe. A variety of presentations cover discoveries and evaluations of mineralized areas, descriptions of the host rocks, characteristics of different platinum-group mineral assemblages, and ideas on the processes that form PGE mineralization. The materials of the volume are of a broad interest for geologists, earth scientists and students.